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an honest look at audiovisual consulting.

I recently read an interesting blog posting by a small regional technology systems integrator, claiming there is a changing paradigm in audiovisual consulting where the integrator is now “agnostic” in their recommendations to their clients because of wide access to

facts tell, stories sell.

One of the most impactful business development strategies is storytelling. However, in this era of ‘big data,’ professional service firms — and particularly their marketers and business developers — rely primarily on facts and statistics to convey their value proposition.

the six phases of the creative act.

Creativity is the life blood of the marketing effort. Without skillful ideation, every firm would look like every other firm—the death knell of a brand. Over the years, I’ve written and spoken about the six phases of a project, both

collaborative intelligence.

Each year, the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) stages a major event, their Build Business conference. This building industry-focused conference, features speakers covering topics of advanced marketing and business development techniques, market-sector focused panels, and keynotes from noted thought

smart. savvy. strategic.

I admire those marketers that ‘get it.’ They focus on strategic innovation, clarity of client-facing message, and creative application of the breadth and depth of the marketer’s toolkit. They have a drive to not just meet their firm’s marketing needs

unconventional wisdom.

“It’s the way we’ve always done it!” “If it ain’t broke, don’t break it!” “But, everyone else is doing it!” So goes the litany of why we follow the path of least resistance or go with the “herd,” and continue

there’s an app for that.

Becoming almost ubiquitous, the ‘app’ for iPhone or other smart communication device has revolutionized the B2C market, allowing retailers and restaurants to know who you are, where you are (and have been) and when you are usually there. Scary, but

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One of the major challenges facing the professional service business is internal communication. Sharing information from the various functional and market-facing departments that make up the enterprise is critical for any individual to feel connected, involved, and engaged. Regardless of

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the collateral crutch.

I think it is very important to have marketing collateral that reflects, and aligns with, your company’s brand identity (who you think you are) as part of your brand image (who they think you are) strategy. In an era of

collaboration without travel.

The Internet has provided a level of connection that no one would have imagined even 10 years ago. The ability to communicate, collaborate, and connect is unprecedented in the history of the civilized world. The savvy marketer is learning to