the one constant.

Change is the one constant we can count on. Whether revolutionary or evolutionary, the dynamic of progress leads to transition. It sometimes seems that these transitions are often the hardest aspects of business to comprehend and resolve. As a wise friend once told me, recognizing that change happens “for” us, not “to” us, can help frame the challenge into an opportunity for growth.

In professional services, the vagaries of global economics means no market is “certain.” Staying the course is too often a recipe for disaster. In this era of big data and predictive analytics, there are many tools and resources that can be leveraged to identify both trends in current markets and opportunities in new markets. The savvy marketer will make it a priority to pay as much or more attention to the horizon as to the present moment. Finding the balance between now and “when” is critical to navigating the waters of change that will impact the future of the practice.

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I have been active in the building industry for more than 35 years, holding leadership roles in design, project management, marketing, business development, strategic planning, and operations.