the seven phases of done.

Last night, I finished what I thought of as the “final” draft of my new book, The Architecture of Image: Branding Your Professional Practice. I said to myself, “I’m done!”

Then I thought, there are actually several more steps of done before I’m really done (and you have the book in your hand). There are editors, and book designers, and publishers (thankfully that’s me), and printers, and reviewers who will all contribute to the final “done.”

Like most projects, we begin with an end in mind. As an author, it was the completion of the actual writing. However, the inspiration, research, and collaboration that took place along the way were all just part of the “getting there.” And, like most projects, it took much more time than I ever imagined.

So, realizing that my book is still “a work in progress,” I take a deep breath and go back to completing the real seven phases of done.

1. Almost
2. Except
3. But
4. Just about
5. Nearly
6. I think I’m…
7. I’m done!

And sometime in the “real soon now” near future, I will be smokin’ done! I hope. 🙂

Look for The Architecture of Image at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, later this Spring.

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