Month: March 2011

the irony of experience.

We are often faced with the irony that everything we thought was true is wrong. We draw from our experiences—good and bad, informing and humbling, nurturing and demoralizing—and hopefully (after all if we can’t be optimistic, what’s left except cynicism)

imagination. intention. innovation.

In a challenging economy for professional services it is often easy to fall into the realm of imagination—flights of fancy designed to ease the worry of a difficult reality with the wish for better times. That’s alright! We all do

transition. transform. transend.

I just returned from a marketing conference focusing on professional services. It was clear from the themes discussed over the two days that we continue to face an economy that challenges the professional service industry and the construction sector in

speaking in silence.

When working with clients, it is as important to listen to what they do not say, as to what they say. Personal, political, or economic issues face an organization every day. Their leadership may feel that it is not appropriate

smart. savvy. strategic.

I admire those marketers that ‘get it.’ They focus on strategic innovation, clarity of client-facing message, and creative application of the breadth and depth of the marketer’s toolkit. They have a drive to not just meet their firm’s marketing needs

road block. stumbling block. writer’s block.

It’s been awhile since my last blog posting. Not for lack of ideas or desire to write. More simply, life got in the way. As a professional with a personal life, I enjoy sharing my views in print and at