holistic. unified. integral.

While consulting buzzwords abound, the inherent meanings of these three popular terms reflect a growing trend to provide a comprehensive service offering to clients who have tired of silo-based (“what’s in it for me”) teams. A mainstay of the “Big 4’s” management/technology consulting approach, championed by the design/build and integrated project delivery methodologies of the building industry, and contemporized by the ubiquitous communication topologies of the telecommunications sector, integral, unified and holistic solutions provide clients with superior service offerings that provide not only quality, but also accountable responsibility.

As you market your firm’s service, you must ask the question of what other services could be bundled with yours to make your firm more valuable to your client. Sometimes this may cross the invisible line of your core competency comfort zone, but ultimately, if it provides higher and better service, it is in your best interest to partner, subcontract, or manage other service providers in affecting a total solution.

This packaging of multiple service lines is not just the purview of large firms with multiple market sectors and service offerings. Approaching the client with a “what can we do to help you” attitude will, more often than not, identify services that you can bundle along with your own. This is to the benefit of not only the client, but of the partnering firms who have the opportunity to serve (and ultimately gain more market share). It has the added benefit of building strong symbiotic relationships that can be leveraged again and again by any of the participants in pursuit of new business.

Strategically thinking about how to best serve your clients will lead to the identification of holistic, unified and integral approaches that will help differentiate you from the increasingly crowded service market, and engender greater loyalty. How cool is that?

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I have been active in the building industry for more than 35 years, holding leadership roles in design, project management, marketing, business development, strategic planning, and operations.

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  1. Suzanne Lowe says:

    Well put, and I completely agree that integration encourages innovative thinking, which encourages a move toward differentiation. What’s not to love about growing core competencies, too.

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