Month: April 2010

removing roadblocks.

One of the most effective efforts of a senior marketer is to help thought leaders and pursuit teams within your firm identify, prioritize, strategize, present, and contract new work. The marketer’s efforts can be viewed as a combination of connecting

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survey says.

What do your customer’s really think about the service you provide? Too often, many firms think they know without actually asking. But, you can never really know unless you ask. And, even then, you may not get the whole story

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weird science.

One of the least understood, most under-utilized tools in the marketer’s toolkit is the dismal science, economics. There is no question that multiple opinions exist within the economist community, and that finding solid, factual data is usually overshadowed by generalizations;


As we move through a difficult economy, the worst the professional service industry (really, every industry) has faced in more than 80 years, it is a challenge to see value in loyalty and consistency when we are measured by performance