Month: December 2009

presentation passion.

We’ve all heard about it. Many of us have experienced it―the numbing fear of presenting―a fate worse than death. You find yourself trying to convincingly talk in front of a group (buyers, potential customers, peers) on a subject you should

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it is what it is.

Acceptance or resignation? Wisdom or ignorance? I seem to hear this catch-phrase everywhere I turn these days. Dealing with the economic realities of less potential work, more competition, lack of loyalty from long-held clients due to their same business-to-business pressures,

lost in translation.

Professional service firms provide value based on applying expert knowledge in practice areas that are not typically in the core competency of the hiring client’s organization. That is the driving factor for the engagement―providing advice and counsel that addresses an

seasons greetings.

The winter season kicks off one of the most underwhelming marketing efforts that we see annually. The “Holiday Card”―not Christmas, Hanukah, or Kwanzaa, Tet, Festivus (for the rest of us), or any other spiritually-oriented annual celebration of gifts or giving―has

the drool factor.

Though relatively rare, there comes on occasion a prospective project that is “too good to be true.” These projects fall under what I term the “drool factor” that reflects a ratio of opportunity to practical reality that is something exponential.

good ink.

Public and media relations, well known, well respected, remain one of the least leveraged tools in the professional service firm’s marketing kit of parts. Like good client relations, good media relations relys on “relationships.” And, that’s where the challenge lies.