Month: October 2009

the raving optimist.

One of the greatest challenges to marketing leadership is the need to be a consistent “raving optimist.” In difficult economic times it is too easy to fall on the sword of cynicism (or despair), when market growth is critical to

the collateral crutch.

I think it is very important to have marketing collateral that reflects, and aligns with, your company’s brand identity (who you think you are) as part of your brand image (who they think you are) strategy. In an era of

collaboration without travel.

The Internet has provided a level of connection that no one would have imagined even 10 years ago. The ability to communicate, collaborate, and connect is unprecedented in the history of the civilized world. The savvy marketer is learning to

driving in the rear view mirror.

One of the challenges a marketer faces is waiting for current financial data. Often, and for good reason, the financial team wants to wait for a reviewed set of the past period’s data to be completed before releasing it for