Month: September 2009

what we can learn from baseball.

It occurred to me as I watch my favorite baseball team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, head for the playoffs and, hopefully, the World Series, how the structure and strategy of a baseball team reflects all the best characteristics of a

light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s been a tough 24 months for most professional service firms. The impact of the global economy acted like a perfect storm to bring most discretionary spending by our clients to a halt. Today, it appears we’re at the beginning


In an era of reduced resources, every organization is looking for ways to maximize the effectiveness of every dollar spent. If you go into a meeting with a past, current, or potential client, this should frame your discussion. How does

who you gonna call?

One of the first strategies that need to be addressed by the professional service marketer is the breadth and depth of the market they are addressing. Planning takes into account not only your firm’s (and staff’s) expertise, but the competitive

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welcome to my blog.

Welcome to the launch of The Virtual CMO, a new blog where I will feature practical content for professional service firms in design, finance, technology, or management consultancies. I origionally launched back in 1999, and “back in the day”

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